Beneficiaries: PDLs (Persons Deprived of Liberty) & their families 


We facilitate immersions, propose penal and judicial reforms, and network with other organizations to raise awareness in the free society of the realities of prison as well as the deficiencies of a punitive system of justice.


Any hope for the rehabilitation of inmates must include the care for their whole person. Rooted in our Jesuit and Catholic identity, we offer sacraments to the inmates in all the camps of the New Bilibid Prison and the Correctional Institute for Women. We attend to the medical, communication, and legal needs of the inmates. We partner with many other volunteer groups in order to provide letter-writing, legal aid, counseling, feeding sessions, medicines, and medical missions, especially to the visitor-less, elderly, and indigent inmates.


Incarceration perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty, crime, and separated families. To end this, we sponsor the education of inmates' children to give families hope for a more stable future. Many of our scholars enter as grade school students and remain until they finish college.