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With God amidst a Pandemic

More than a year of being in a pandemic, with numerous lockdowns here and there, and mass gatherings are restricted, the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service Foundation, Inc. (PJPS) find ways to continue its programs and services—even expanding them, despite moments of crisis.

PJPS held an online recollection series as part of its 27th founding anniversary celebration. Saturday afternoons of July became moments of reflection and sharing of one’s giftedness for the recollections attendees, especially in these challenging times.

Despite the recollections were held online, and some experienced internet and technical difficulties, the Holy Spirit has, no doubt, stirred the attendees as they found inspiration and strength from the speakers and their co-attendees.

The PJPS community closed the recollection series as they attended the Provincial Mass in honour of the Solemnity of St. Ignatius of Loyola with Fr. Primitivo E. Viray, Jr., SJ, Provincial of the Philippine Jesuits presided the mass. Fr. Jordan J. Orbe, SJ, Executive Director of the Emmaus Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation, served as the homilist.

The afternoons were truly inspiring, and we hope everyone, despite the difficult times, was moved. May we be reminded to carry God in our hearts so that we may offer his love and peace wherever we go and whoever we encounter.



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