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Reco for Alumni of Scholarship: A Treasure to Forever Cherish

As an alumni scholar of PJPS, perhaps by now, you have to appreciate the opportunity you have received as a gift, a treasure that you will forever cherish, says Fr. Roberto “Bert” Boholst, SJ.

As part of the recollection series, we invited a group of alumni to a half-day recollection, held last July 10, 2021. Participants were asked to look back, remember, and recollect stories of the many aspects of their journey and how God has been overwhelming in giving them more than they expected.

The participants were also invited to discern how they can share what they have received and may need not go far but begin in their homes.

One participant said: "Whatever we've been through, whether it is good or bad, we must always see the goodness of all the things around us and always be grateful for the Lord is always with us because He loves us."

The recollection for alumni of the Scholarship Program was the second of a series of recollections organized by the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service Foundation, Inc. (PJPS) in celebration of its 27th Founding Anniversary.

We invite YOU, our friends and partners, to join us in this celebration of prayer, hope, and love. To know more about the recollection series and to register, see below the following link and schedule:

18 JULY - Scholarship Program beneficiaries (Scholars)

24 JULY - Mothers/Guardians of Scholars

For recollection-related inquiries, please email

Thank you and we look forward to getting together with you virtually in our recollections.


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